How to Keep Cats Away From Christmas Tree

If you have a Christmas tree in your home, you probably have a cat. If so, it is important to protect your tree from your feline friend. A high-up tree will be safer for your kitty than a low-down one. You can place non-hanging decorations at the bottom of the Christmas trees to discourage your feline friend from trying to climb on them. Another way to keep cats from climbing the Christmas tree is to place the tree in a closed room.

You can use a deterrent spray that is made specifically for cats to prevent them from climbing the Christmas tree. You can spray the scent of the spray on the tree, the ornaments, and any electrical cords, but be sure to choose a non-irritating product. The scent of the spray will likely make your cat uncomfortable, so make sure to wear gloves and a sweater when spraying.

How to save your tree from cats

To prevent cats from climbing the Christmas tree, try placing it on a wall or some other solid object to keep it stable. Then, use a heavy fishing line or a thick piece of plywood to hang the tree. Once the holidays are over, you can remove the ornaments and replace them with new ones. Using a fishing line is a good way to keep the Christmas tree in place. Lastly, do not leave the picture on the tree because cats love the texture.

To prevent your kitty from destroying your Christmas tree, place the lights and ornaments higher on the tree, and make sure to unplug all lights. Your kitty may be tempted to chew on the wires, but this will only cause more work. If you have a small cat, you might consider purchasing a tree skirt. By doing so, you can keep the tree off of your cat’s reach.

Keep Your Cat OUT of the Christmas Tree

How to save your tree

If you have a live Christmas tree, the main reason to protect it from your pet is the water. Its water supply can be a magnet for your feline friend. This means that it is also very tempting to your cat. So, if you want to protect your tree from being ruined by your cat, you must cover the water source. You can place the tree in a room that cats cannot access. This way, you will prevent your cat from digging through the wires and ruining your precious holiday decor.

Use Spray repellents:

You can use the spray repellents to keep your cat away from the tree, as well as other things like shoes, furniture, etc. These products contain a mixture of essential oils which repel cats and dogs. They are effective against both animals and insects.

Spray repellent works by emitting a strong odor that makes your cat feel uneasy. It does not harm your cat, but it is irritating to its sense of smell.  The best thing about these repellents is that they can be used indoors and outdoors.

Wrap Your Tree Base With Aluminum Foil

You can also wrap the base of the tree with aluminum foil. This will help keep your tree safe from your cat. When wrapping the tree, you should first cut the foil into strips and then fold each strip around the base of the tree. Make sure to put enough tape on the ends of the foil to hold the strips together.

Place Your Cat In A Room That Is Not Accessible To Your Pet

Another way to protect your Christmas tree from your cat is to move your cat to another room. Place the tree in the room where your cat sleeps, eats, and plays. This will ensure that your cat stays out of the room where the tree is located.

Cover the cords:

Another way to protect your Christmas tree from your cat is to cover the cords. If you don’t want your cat to chew on the cords, you can also use a wire hook and wrap it around a branch. This will prevent your cat from reaching the Christmas tree. Your cat may use the post as a jumping platform. If you have a high-up Christmas decoration, you may not have to worry about your cat chewing on your Christmas tree.

If you have a plastic or fabric Christmas tree, you may need to use a pet fence to protect your Christmas tree. While you might think it’s an extreme solution, it’s important to protect your Christmas decoration. Keeping your cat from your Christmas tree will save your kitty from a lot of problems in the future. And don’t forget about the presents under the tree! They can destroy your decorations!

Providing distractions for your cat is another important way to prevent your cat from climbing the Christmas tree. If you want your kitty to avoid a cat-tree, you can use toys, puzzles and other objects to distract them. However, you should be wary of your cat’s curiosity as they may be tempted to sniff the tree. A simple training method is to make your Christmas tree a safe place for your kitty. A sturdy tree stand will discourage your kitty from trying to climb it.


It is best to cover the water bowl of a live Christmas tree. This will keep the cat from climbing the tree or getting into its decorations. When decorating the Christmas tree, you should also avoid keeping it near furniture and other decorations. You should place the Christmas tree strategically so it is not easily accessible to your cat. Moreover, make sure that everyone in your home is on the same page with this rule. If you have a cat, it is a good idea to have a separate water bowl and cover it with double-sided tape.

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